Flipped lesson — Introduction to the Constitution

Below is the link to my flipped lesson. I designed it to be an introduction to the Constitution, which would be viewed before the first lesson of a until on the Constitution and Federal Government. The students would view this video to get acquainted with the general structure of the government and Constitution, and then would come into class ready to read the actual text and discuss the reasons behind Constitution.

Flipped Lesson

After finishing the video, students would be required to take this quiz to prove that they saw it and to get a sense of the interest and prior knowledge that the students posses about this topic.

The students would also be provided with the link to the song used in the video, which can be found here

I used educreations to make this flipped lesson. It is not the most detailed tool out there, and some of the simplicity can be a little annoying. One problem is that you can’t go back 30 to fix something, you have to either leave a mistake in or start over. I think that for a simple white board lesson for a class, that isn’t a very big problem. It is easy to use, and I think I will probably use it again in the future.


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