Blog review – Edudemic: connecting education & technology

For this first assignment, I chose to explore the blog Edudemic.  It describes itself as “A community of teachers, education professionals, and hundreds of other people interested in the intersection of education and technology.”  This seemed like the perfect blog for a class on technology in the classroom, and after exploring it I think it is.  The blog has contributions for many different educators on a variety of topics.  On the front page today there are stories the relate directly to technology in the classroom, such as one about how to keep students’ attention while they are in front of screens and how to create a great class website.  Other posts are more of a general interest nature.  I enjoyed the infographic on Memorial Day, and as an aspiring social studies teacher, it is just the sort of interesting information I may want to share with my students (either in class or on a class website).

Overall, the posts are short, include infographics, hyperlinks, and bullet points, all of which help to hold the reader’s interest.  I think it demonstrates best practices for teachers’ online presence in addition to providing useful and interesting content for educators.  I will continue to follow this blog for more infographs and resources for integrating technology into classrooms in a more seamless way.


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